Continuing our series of customer reviews we asked another happy, successful customer to sum up their experience with The Fair Trade Practice in their own words and understand why just so many of our customers refer us to people they know.

In fact more than 95%* of our new customers are recommended to us by friends, family members or colleagues, encouraged to check their finances for mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI).

This account is from Kay in Hampshire, who successfully received offers of PPI compensation from finance with Tesco and went on to recommend us:

How did you hear about The Fair Trade Practice?
I first heard about The Fair Trade Practice on Facebook, when I replied to a status an old work colleague had posted.

What did you think when the company was first explained to you? What would you have said if someone said ‘PPI’ to you back then?
PPI was something that I never really understood, but I thought working with The Fair Trade Practice sounded more like something I’d be interested in as I do not have any time for cold callers. I prefer to approach someone if I’m interested and not the other way around.

Had you ever thought about checking for PPI before?
I’d often considered a PPI claim but as I wasn’t sure if I had ever had it, I never bothered to check in case it was a long-winded and stressful process.

What did you think of the service you received from The Fair Trade Practice from start to finish?
I was really pleased with everything my claims handler Nicky did for me and how easy it was to check the progress of my claims online. This meant no tedious phone calls or feeling pestered – I had complete control. It was joyous discovering I was actually owed some money.

Did you sign up to our online customer tool Update+? Did you find it useful?
Update+ was simply fabulous. So quick, easy and straightforward.

What were the benefits for you of using The Fair Trade Practice, rather than checking by yourself?
I’d never know what to do and who to ask if I had checked myself.

You were successful in receiving two offers from the same lender – were they lines of credit that you remembered having before we checked on your behalf?
I had absolutely no recollection of having any credit with the lenders I received my PPI back from.

How did it feel when you were told the good news?
I was elated, surprised and very pleased.

What did the money mean to you? Were you able to do something special or life-changing with it?
We put the money towards a long needed holiday.

Have you recommended us to anyone after your experience?
I did, unfortunately they were not due any compensation.

How would you sum up your journey with The Fair Trade Practice?
I would definitely recommend The Fair Trade Practice. They did exactly what they said they would with minimal fuss and great ease.

Now that you know more about the PPI scandal what do you think of the banks’ behaviour?
I’m still not sure how the banks were able to get away with it and it’s very unfair. If it wasn’t for companies like The Fair Trade Practice many people would be out of pocket without even realising.

What would you say NOW if someone said ‘PPI’ to you?
I’d tell them to check it out and to use The Fair Trade Practice.


Described as ‘the biggest mis-selling scandal in financial services history’, the PPI mis-selling saga has already seen UK banks pay out £29.2bn in compensation and refunds.

However of all the provisions they have set aside almost £15bn still remains unclaimed. It is the scale of this scandal which sees our customers continuing to recommend us to their friends, family and colleagues.

With next year’s claims deadline set by industry regulator the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and new regulations relating to undisclosed high levels of commission also giving possible cause for a PPI complaint, if you or anyone you know is still yet to check then get ahead of the queue now.

*As at November 2017