This policy is a summary of the Marketing and Social Media Practice followed by The Fair Trade Practice.

The Fair Trade Practice uses Marketing and Social Media to communicate, promote and interact with customers and interested parties.


We will not:

• Offer immediate cash payment or gift to a potential client as an inducement for making a claim
• Make exaggerated claims that we cannot justify
• Cold call
• Send marketing by email or SMS text unless the recipient has ‘opted in’

The Fair Trade Practice fully complies with the Direct Marketing Code of practice.

In the course of business The Fair Trade Practice has a website namely The following information is included on that website:

• Legal name (as it appears on our certificate)
• Geographical address
• Email address
• Our business is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in respect of regulated claims management activities and that registration is recorded on the FCA Register
• Details of our business’s complaints handling procedure

The website is regularly reviewed to ensure compliance and all amendments or changes go through an escalated authorisation process. The website and business letters comply with all requirements.

The Fair Trade Practice has a dedicated Marketing Department responsible for Marketing, Social Media and Communications within the company and externally to the wider public. It has further responsibility to ensure all activity adheres to the rules of conduct and it deals promptly and efficiently with any changes in legislation as advised by our Company Solicitor.

The Fair Trade Practice uses Social Media such as blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to engage with customers and interested parties.  We engage within these mediums ensuring at all times that we comply with the rules of conduct.  We monitor the use of social media and ensure that all posts (whether posted by The Fair Trade Practice or others) are neither misleading, enticing, defamatory nor derogatory. Any posts of such nature are immediately removed and if necessary escalated to our Company Solicitor for further action.

When we are using Social Media to promote the company we are mindful to ensure that it is done in a professional and factual manner which is neither misleading or false.

All business letters and communications undergo regular review to ensure that they comply with the latest legislation and rules of conduct in addition to relevancy.

The Marketing Department works closely with all areas of the business to ensure a seamless and transparent service is provided.