We are an employer required by law to carry out Gender Pay Reporting under the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

This involves carrying out six calculations that show the difference between the average earnings of men and women in our organisation; it will not involve publishing individual employee data.

We are required to publish the results on our own website and the government gender pay website. We will do this within one calendar year from April 5th 2018.

We can use these results to assess:

• The levels of gender equality in our workplace.
• The balance of male and female employees at different levels.
• How effectively talent is being maximised and rewarded.

The challenge in our organisation and across Great Britain is to eliminate any gender pay gap.

Gender Pay Reporting requires our organisation to make calculations based on employee gender. We will establish this by using our existing HR and weekly PAYE payroll records.

The Protection Specialist Ltd is an equal opportunities employer and offer a tiered salary structure, irrespective of gender.

The Protection Specialist Ltd does not differentiate between genders when considering candidates for any role within the company.

All trainees and new staff within any given role are recruited under the same structure and their earning ability depends on their success and career progress.

All employees are encouraged to grow and earn to their full potential.

Any pay gap difference shown will be a result of differing roles & achievement based rewards. All employees working in the same bandings will have the opportunity to earn the same rewards.

Measures will take time to show, however through training, mentoring and support we will aim to reduce the pay gap figures so that it represents a more balanced and equal situation.

We strive to continually improve our gender gap and will publish the results again in April 2020 as a requirement of the government initiative into equal pay.


This statement confirms that the published information is accurate as at the time of publishing and is signed on behalf of the board of directors.