About Vehicle Finance Claims

Vehicle Finance Claims

Between 2007 and January 2021, lenders allowed brokers and car dealers to vary the rate of interest customers were charged on the finance they took out to buy their car. Consumers had no idea that the interest they were charged was entirely at the discretion of the sales person that day.

This highly unfair practice was banned in January 2021 but the FCA estimate that 95% of car finance included an element of commission and that 40% of those were rates set at the discretion of the seller, which means there is a chance you could have been affected.

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Am I Affected?

  • Did you take out finance to purchase a vehicle? (including motorbikes, vans and campervans)
  • Was the vehicle for personal use?
  • Did you take the finance out between 2007 and 2020?
  • Your finance is either closed or ongoing

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How Does It Work


Our team speak to you to understand your circumstances and issue your paperwork if you’re eligible to claim


Once you sign and return your digital forms we will submit your claim to your finance provider


If successful the lender will issue you an offer to return the commission payments made plus 8% interest

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