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Mis-sold Pensions

For many, a pension is something built over decades of hard work so it’s only natural to want to maximise all those contributions to prepare for a happy retirement. However, bad actors have taken advantage of that desire to convince some people into investing their pensions into excessively risky schemes, or transfer away from valuable pensions in the advisor’s search of lucrative commission.

This may have been from high street banking staff lacking the proper qualifications or training, or advisors who convinced people to leave their final salary or public sector scheme giving away important benefits and guarantees, such as local authority or military pensions.

Pensions are an important but complicated financial product, and making a mis-selling claim may feel daunting. But we partner with leading legal experts to help you every step of the way and get you the compensation you deserve.

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Am I Affected?

  • Are you based in the UK and free of bankruptcy or IVAs?
  • Did you receive pension advice or take out the pension within the last 6 years? Or did you only become aware of potential mis-selling within the last 3 years?
  • Do you feel the advice you were given lead to you losing significant sums of money?
  • Were the risks of the products your pension was being invested into not fully explained?
  • Did your advisor fail to provide the necessary disclosure and regulatory documents?
  • If you were convinced to transfer your pension, was the new scheme fully explained to you? Did the advisor make sure it was appropriate for you and your circumstances? Was it made clear you may be giving up important guarantees, particularly if you were already in a public sector pension?
  • You could still have a claim even if the firm that advised you on, or provided you with, your pension has stopped trading

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Our team speak to you to understand your circumstances and issue your paperwork if you’re eligible to claim


Once you sign and return your digital forms we work with our legal partners to compile and submit your complaint


If successful you will be issued an offer of compensation plus 8% compensation
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