About Packaged Bank Accounts

Mis-sold Packaged Bank Account Claims

Over 10 million Packaged Bank Accounts have been opened in the UK, often by people who didn’t ask for them, were told they had to have them or to people that couldn’t use the benefits they paid for. Our average successful claim is for £1,216 (as at March 2021).

Am I Affected?

  • Were you pressured into taking out the account?
  • Were you moved to a fee paying account without your knowledge?
  • Were you told you had to open the account to qualify for a certain product or preferential rate?
  • Were you told about crucial limits and exemptions, such as age limit on travel insurance?
  • Could you have used the benefits at the time you got the account? For example if breakdown cover was included did you have a car? If gadget insurance was a feature did you have a qualifying device? If any of these scenarios sound familiar then you could have a claim.

How Does It Work?


Our team speak to you to understand your circumstances and issue your paperwork if you’re eligible to claim


Once you sign and return your digital forms we compile your complaint and send it on to your bank


If successful the bank will issue you an offer of compensation plus 8% interest

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Frequently Asked Questions

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