Continuing our series of customer reviews we asked another happy, successful customer to sum up their experience with The Fair Trade Practice in their own words and understand why just so many of our customers refer us to people they know.

In fact more than 96%* of our new customers are recommended to us by friends, family members or colleagues, encouraged to check their finances for mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI).

This account is from Louise in Hampshire, who successfully received an offer of PPI compensation from a Lloyds TSB loan and went on to recommend us to dozens of people she knew:


Before you started working with The Fair Trade Practice what would you have said if someone spoke to you about PPI?

I was bombarded by other companies and was receiving cold calls all the time about PPI. I still get them now! I think because The Fair Trade Practice don’t cold call at all it makes you realise they are doing it more for the customer than some of the other companies around.

Had you ever thought about checking for PPI before you started working with us?

I never thought it was possible to check, I didn’t know the process and didn’t think I would be eligible for compensation.

How did you hear about The Fair Trade Practice?

Through my partner – I hadn’t heard of the company at all before he recommended me.

What were the benefits for you of using The Fair Trade Practice, rather than checking by yourself directly with the banks?

I don’t know if I’d have checked myself if I had not have checked with TFTP, I just didn’t know the process and I think that put me off. I’m pleased I did now, otherwise I wouldn’t even realise I could be owed anything.

How did it feel getting the good news of your offer of compensation?

I was really surprised, I was at University at the time I took out the credit so didn’t think it was something I would get anything back from. You always think it wouldn’t be you!

What did the money mean to you? Were you able to do anything special with it?

When you’ve got a family any money is always a bonus isn’t it? At the time we got the money back it was just after we had got married so it was good timing. Looking back I think we spent the money on home improvements, so in a way we are still enjoying it even now.

You have recommended us a lot following your experience, was that something you really wanted to do?

Definitely, we do advise most people we speak to that they should check. So many people think they haven’t got PPI and it turns out they have. Those people have gone on to recommend others too. Loads of people have said ‘thanks for letting us know’ – I think it’s a nice incentive to recommend people when they get a nice surprise too.

How would you sum up your journey with TFTP?

The customer service was second to none throughout, it felt like people were going out of their way to deliver for the customer. All the time it’s the customer at the heart of everything and I was always kept up to date.

Now that you know more about the PPI mis-selling scandal, and discovered you were one of those affected, what do you think of the banks’ behaviour?

It makes you think what else is there that we are eligible for? The next thing I want to look into is Packaged Bank Accounts as it could have happened to us again.


Described as ‘the biggest mis-selling scandal in financial services history’, the PPI mis-selling saga has already seen UK banks pay out £28.5bn in compensation and refunds.

However of all the provisions they have set aside £15bn still remains unclaimed. It is the scale of this scandal which sees our customers continuing to recommend us to their friends, family and colleagues.

With next year’s claims deadline set by industry regulator the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and new regulations relating to undisclosed high levels of commission also giving possible cause for a PPI complaint, if you or anyone you know is still yet to check then get ahead of the queue now.

*As at December 2016