More than 96%* of our new customers are recommended to us by someone they know to check their finances for mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI).

In this series we ask some of those happy customers to review The Fair Trade Practice in their own words and get an insight into why so many trust us to investigate on their behalf.

This account is from Scott in Lancashire, who successfully received an offer of PPI compensation from a Yorkshire Bank loan and went on to recommend us to people he knew:


How did you hear about The Fair Trade Practice?

My brother told me about the scandal and the amounts of money people were receiving back having paid for PPI which, more often than not, they never knew about.

What did you think when the company was first explained to you?

I trust my brother so I was happy to check out my loan. I’m glad I did as I never knew I had PPI at first.

Had you ever thought about checking for PPI before you started working with us?

My brother convinced me I should check. I did not think I would be due anything back so I never bothered checking before this.

What were the benefits for you of using The Fair Trade Practice, rather than checking by yourself directly with the banks?

The Fair Trade Practice did it all for me and I found the process to be very straightforward.

How did it feel getting the good news of your offer of compensation? What did the money mean to you, and were you able to do something special with it?

It felt great to get an offer as I used the money to go to Menorca with my daughter for her first holiday. I put the rest into savings which eventually was used towards buying a new car.

Following your experience did you recommend us to anyone else?

The Fair Trade Practice have gone on to help other family members and friends. I spoke to some other workmates but their credit was taken out more recently or they were too young so they did not need to check.

How would you sum up your journey with TFTP?

It was a very straightforward process and I am certainly glad I checked it out in the end, as I don’t think I would have got round to doing it myself.

Now that you know more about the PPI mis-selling scandal, and discovered you were one of those affected, what do you think of the banks’ behaviour?

I now work for RBS and I was shocked that I was affected on my other finances. It just goes to show that even if you work in the finance industry you need to make sure you check all of your credit as anyone can be due a refund. You need to check your credit so that you don’t miss out.


Described as ‘the biggest mis-selling scandal in financial services history’, the PPI mis-selling saga has already seen UK banks pay out £28.8bn in compensation and refunds.

Of all the provisions they have set aside however an enormous £15bn still remains unclaimed. It is the scale of this scandal which sees our customers continuing to recommend us to their friends, family and colleagues.

With next year’s claims deadline set by industry regulator the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and new regulations relating to undisclosed high levels of commission also giving possible cause for a PPI complaint, if you or anyone you know is still yet to check then get ahead of the queue now.

Numbers are already at a three year high, so get peace of mind today long before the PPI deadline arrives.

*As at December 2016