Q: I’ve started working with you so you can handle claims on my behalf, but the lender has contacted me directly. What should I do next?

When you begin working with us here at The Fair Trade Practice you will sign a Letter of Authority (LOA) for each complaint we submit, enabling us to contact the lender and act on your behalf.

This documentation tells your lender that you have given consent for a third party to handle your claims, and allows us to deal with your lender as that third party for the duration of the complaint.

From time to time lenders do try and contact some of our customers directly, usually by phone but sometimes by leaving text messages or voicemails.

Reasons for this contact can be varied – some lenders will insist that they need to hear answers to certain questions directly from a customer, whilst others will say they need to confirm details for security or that the claim is a bespoke case.

Although some of these attempts at contact may be genuine an average complaint can proceed without the need for any direct contact from the lender.

Some lenders will say they cannot deal with a third party, which can cause confusion for some customers, but our signed LOA specifically gives us permission to act on your behalf in relation to your claims.

If a lender does contact you directly please refer them to speak to us immediately or inform us that they have tried to get in touch with you. As your appointed representative it is our duty to ensure your claims progress as expected and that you are treated fairly by your lender.

The more details about the contact you can provide us with, the easier it will be for us to deal with it effectively. Where possible you should look to tell us:

  • The method of contact (phone call, voicemail, text message etc.)
  • Which lender contacted you (for example Lloyds, Barclays etc.)
  • The date & time you were contacted
  • The name of the person you spoke to or heard from
  • What reason was given as to why the lender was getting in touch
  • What response you gave, if any

The most important thing to remember is that you should not feel pressured in any way to speak to the lender about your complaint. If you are asked any questions about your claim make sure you are comfortable that your words have not been misunderstood or taken out of context.

Q: Why should I be wary about my lender making direct contact with me?

Lenders are under warning from the industry regulator the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to uphold standards of complaint handling in the run-up to the PPI claims deadline of August 2019.

This is in light of some lenders having previously been found guilty of dealing with PPI complaints incorrectly and being fined hundreds of millions of pounds.

Part of the value of having one of the market leaders in PPI claims fighting your corner is that we can help you prepare the strongest possible argument for your case, and protect your best interests at all times.

Using our years of experience we will ensure you get back all of the money you are owed, helping you to navigate the complaints process from start to finish and ensuring the best possible outcome.

If you have been contacted by your lender or have read anything else here that has raised questions in your mind please do not hesitate to speak to us about your claims and we will be happy to help.