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PPI & PBA Tax Reclaim Service

The statutory 8% interest that is added to successful claims for mis-sold PPI and mis-sold Packaged Bank Accounts is automatically taxed. But thanks to the Personal Savings Allowance, many do not need to pay this and can claim it back from HMRC. Don’t leave your claim too long though, as you can only claim within four years of receiving your offer.

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Am I Affected?

  • Did you receive an offer of compensation for mis-sold PPI or a mis-sold PBA?
  • Was the offer made after 5th April 2017?
  • Were you a non-taxpayer at the time of the offer?
  • If you were a basic rate taxpayer, did you earn less than £1,000 in interest in the same tax year that the offer was received? (less than £500 for higher rate taxpayers) If so then you could be owed!

Think You Could Be Owed?

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How Does It Work?


Our team speak to you to understand your circumstances and issue your paperwork to establish if you are eligible to make a claim


Once you sign and return your digital forms we’ll assess your claim and submit it to HMRC


If successful, HMRC will issue a cheque for the reclaimed amount

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does the process work?

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