PBA Claim Being Assessed


Thank you for returning your Packaged Bank Account (PBA) pack and PBA questionnaire. We will use the information you provided to put forward a detailed complaint of mis-sale to your bank.

We will proactively manage the claims process with your bank on your behalf and should have a formal response to your complaint within the next 2 to 3 months. If the bank makes contact with you to discuss your complaint then please advise them to direct any questions to The Fair Trade Practice who are dealing with the complaint on your behalf.

We will keep you updated as to how your claims are progressing by email, text message and a monthly claims status update. If we require any further information we will contact you to request this.

If you have any supporting documents that you have not already sent to us please do so urgently with your Case ID marked clearly on them.

Thank you for choosing The Fair Trade Practice to handle your PBA claim.