Response Received – Not Mis-sold


We’ve received a response from your lender advising that they are declining your complaint.

An option would be for us to refer this matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), however our experience of referring cases to them for this lender are poor. As such we will not submit this to FOS and have closed this case accordingly.

If we have received a paper version of the lender’s final response, a copy will be on its way to you in the post. Otherwise we would invite you to contact the lender and request a copy yourself for your records.

We’re sorry that on this occasion we’ve been unsuccessful with your claim despite the time and effort we gave to your case. While this news may be disappointing, there is absolutely no charge for the work we did on this claim on your behalf.

Should you now wish to pursue this matter yourself and refer it to FOS, you may do so within 6 months of the decline date. If your appeal is successful you will not be liable to pay our fee on this particular claim.

Thank you for choosing The Fair Trade Practice to handle your claim.