Case Closed – Lender Unable To Locate Account


Unfortunately, despite the information we provided, your lender has not located any information on this account.

Provision of proof may change the situation, however we appreciate that this information is often difficult to find hence, rather than chase you for information you do not have we have closed your claim.

If you can locate proof of PPI for this account, please send it to us as soon as possible and we will happily re-open this claim for further investigation.

Please be aware, lenders occasionally review complaints we have sent on our client’s behalf at a later date even without this missing information, which can result in compensation. If your lender undertakes such a review you will still be liable to pay our fee as per the Terms and Conditions. However, there is absolutely no charge for the work we have done on this claim so far on your behalf.

We are sorry that on this occasion we’ve been unsuccessful with your claim despite the time and effort we gave to your case. We will now focus all our efforts on any other claims you may have with us.


Thank you for choosing The Fair Trade Practice to handle your claim.