Offer From Lender (Linked Account)


Good news! Following receipt of our complaint, your lender has offered you compensation for this account.

Your lender has told us that this is a linked account. We are therefore going to close this claim and progress the whole compensation amount from this lender under one account number (i.e. the one they refer to as the ‘root’ account).

You will therefore see that this particular claim doesn’t appear to progress further than this, but that’s because we’re working hard to ensure the compensation reaches you under the ‘root’ claim.

If you have not already been notified of your offer then your Claims Handler will be in touch soon to outline the details.

Please be aware that lenders will often send an offer out to you directly without notifying us first. If you do receive an offer from the lender before hearing from us, please contact us immediately on 01489 660280. We’ll then be able to advise whether or not the offer is fair and, where we believe an offer is not fair, we will likely challenge your lender to review.

Thank you for choosing The Fair Trade Practice to handle your claim.